Do RSS Feeds Benefit the Customer Directly?

RSS feeds are hard for the common person to understand because they think that it is something that will cause nothing but junk mail to be delivered to them, and no one likes junk mail. What they do not understand is that it is in fact not junk mail, but a very useful business tool that delivers the customer the most important information directly, without having the burden of pamphlets or junk mail clogging your mail box and having you potentially miss something important.

RSS Feeding Your Business Success!
So , do they benefit your customers directly? Yes they do. The customer has a direct connection to the business, which allows them to get up to date and important information that you need to smartly shop at the business. The customer needs to have the product information available in the easiest, least complicated form that they can interpret without going out of their way. Customers benefit from the proper use of RSS feeds, because they will receive business related information directly from the business, and be able to choose the content which they want to view, without being told what they want. In today’s business nature, you will find a lot of businesses will try to tell you what you want as opposed to listening to you tell them what you want.

RSS feeds allow the business to deliver every day inventory changes, information on products, specials, or any other information that would benefit the customer from knowing. This type of access has never before been enjoyed by a customer base before, and is just starting to take off worldwide. This will further benefit the customer because they will be directly in contact with the business as opposed to simply being addressed by random bulk mailings. These mailings used to just be randomly distributed and just moved around as the sections of the area demanded. People did not like these random mailings are they gathered fast and built up ridiculously fast due to the amount of businesses that would mail items out randomly.

RSS feeds are beneficial to the business and the customer because both gain direct benefits from its use. The business reduces its overall advertising costs and connects directly with its customers, while the customers receive direct attention that many businesses fail to achieve. In the end, very few tools end up benefiting both parties, and with RSS feeds hitting many good points, and having no negatives attached to them, they are the ideal tool to ensure your business success!

5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular, with millions of affiliate programs online and millions of people trying to make money with them. Here are some tried and tested ideas on how to do affiliate marketing and achieve success.

1. Promote the affiliate link that was provided to you by the company you are promoting. Although this may be the least desirable way to promote a product as an affiliate there are too many success stories to ignore this is a viable option.

The primary advantage to using the company provided replicated website is you do not need to waste any time creating a website of your own. You literally could begin making money in a matter of minutes once you join an affiliate marketing program.

The key to doing affiliate marketing this way is driving a high number of visitors directly to your site and then playing a numbers game. As long as you are representing a quality product, with a well-written sales page, you will make sales if you get enough visitors to it.

2. Start a niche blog and promote affiliate products. This has become a popular way to promote affiliate products today and gives you many options that you wouldn’t have with a replicated website.

When you control everything about a website, or blog, you also control the content and the programs on it. This gives you the flexibility to make changes whenever you feel like it. Monetizing a blog with affiliate products can be done through affiliate banners, pay per click ads, text link ads, and so on.

3. Design pages that review the affiliate products. The advantage to this form of affiliate marketing is you can write an unbiased review of a product that lets the customer make up their mind about their own interest level.

Internet surfers appreciate review pages because it gives them information about something before they are asked to purchase it. The most successful review pages provide an unbiased review that highlights both the positive and negative aspects of the product you are promoting.

4. Design a web page that pre-sells your offer before you send your visitors directly to the affiliate link. Pre-selling an affiliate product is something that has been done for several years now. In essence what you are trying to do is warm your prospect up before passing them through to the sales page.

5. Capture your visitors contact information and follow up by email. Selling products via -mail is an excellent way to make money because many customers do not make a purchase on their first visit. By dripping information on them over a period of time you can sell more affiliate products when they are ready to buy.

5 Essential Direct Sales Tips

When getting into a Direct Sales Opportunity it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Like everything else in your life this is going to take some of your time and effort. Below are a few Direct Sales Tips to keep in the forefront of your mind while Building your Business.

o Marketing: Somewhere along the way people have gotten the notion that if the simply join an organization it’s just gonna happen. I’ve got news for ya, it won’t!! If you are not actively Marketing your business/opportunity, your business/opportunity is Dying! There are many different strategies, especially in this day and age with the internet and floods of information. Pick a method that best suits your style and budget, implement and track and watch the profits rise.
o Business vs. Hobby: This is the death of most beginners. It is true that you should love what you do but if you’re just going through the motions I suggest getting a job to support your hobby. Set measurable goals. Be accountable for your time and money.
o Product: If you don’t use the product you sell how in the world are you going to sell that product to someone else!?! The most successful people in Direct Sales are passionate about their product.
o Leadership/Management: If you want to gain the REAL money in this industry you need residual income. The best way to build residual income is to become a leader others want to follow. If this is not your management style I suggest reading a few books or attending a course. Leadership is the key to a large organization.
o Cause: There has to be something bigger than just money. What is your reason, or as it’s so popular, what is your “Why?” Is it more time for the family? More money for vacation? Maybe you’ve got credit card debt you want to pay off. Whatever it is for you, get clear about it. It’s got to be something more than just, “I want to make more money.” Really, who doesn’t!?!

I hope these Direct Sales Tips have cleared a few things up. Just remember to always be Marketing, treat this like a Business, love your product, become a Leader and have a good Cause. If you continue with these Fundamentals, who knows, maybe I’ll be reading your Direct Sales Tips.

Direct Marketing Tips For Every Business

Direct Marketing Tips For You To Consider #1

Most businesses get 80% of their sales from 20% of their customers, that means they have lost over 80% of their time with people that are not interested. So target your target segment of 20% and you will have a greater return on investment.
Research is crucial to your business if you want to be at the top. Your efforts will give you insight to whom and where your prospects are. Define why, when and how they are converted into active buyers.
Do you have a game plan in place? If not, then get one. This will give you a better idea of how your product and/or service will meet the long term needs of your customers.
You can dramatically increase your odds for response by personally branding yourself, because people get to know the real you, and people like interaction with other humans, not credit cards.
To successfully market a product or service, you must know your competition and your positioning or strengths within that particular arena. You must know how you want your business, product and/or service to be preserved by customers, and then implement that knowledge as soon as you can!

Direct Marketing Tips To Consider #2

Your Image Is Important To Your Customer
Do You Want To Be Known For Special Discount Prices, Or Offer Quality, Or Both?
Now It’s Time To Position Yourself & Strategize
Don’t Be Everything To Everyone, Pin Point The People You Want To Work With, Then Focus On Getting More Of Them
Create Specific Objectives And Goals For Your Business
In the end only you can define how to best make use of these direct marketing tips. Use these tools at your own discretion, do your own research and due diligence regarding a specific topic. If you wish to learn more then you can leave a comment on my blog!

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